The Holy Confluence of Shree Ganesha, Shree Adi Guru and Lord Jesus Christ)

Ganpatpule is a Holy place where Mother Earth herself has created tha Swayambhu (self-originated idol) of Lord Ganesha. The name Ganapatipule is derived from ‘Ganapati’ (the Lord of Ganas) and Pule means Sand Dune. In ancient scriptures this Siddhi Vinayaka has been described as Paschim Dwar Devta (Western Sentinel God). It is nearly 4000 years old Swayambhu. Surrounded by evergreen ranges of Sahyadri Mountain and an endless stretch of unpolluted silver sand, lined with innumerable mango, cashew, coconut and casuarina trees, Ganpatiule is a very picturesque sight. It is located in Ratnagiri District in the coastal area of Konkan region and situated at about 36 Km from Ratnagiri Railway Station.


Discovery of Ganpatipule by Shree Mataji:

Just before the seminars of Ganpatipule started in 1985, Mr. Chavhan and seven yogis went with Shree Mataji to conduct a Public Programme in Ratnagiri. After concluding the programme, they were to board a ferry back to Mumbai from Jaigad port. Since the ferry was delayed, Sahaja Yogis, accompanying Mother sought her permission to see the Shree Ganesha temple which was only half an hour away from Ratnagiri. Shree Mataji kindly consented and all they reached the temple by car. Shree Mataji went inside the temple where stood the Lord Ganesha’s Swayambhu. Idol T THE sea level. Οn coming out, Shree Mataji told the yogis that ‘This Swayambhu is awakened and very powerful much more powerful than the Swayambhu Ashtavinayakas Maharashtra.’

Shree Mataji then said,

“This place would be used for our International Seminars. She further said that Ganpatipule Swayambhu has very powerful vibrations of Shree Ganesha, the Indian Ocean, i.e. Void governed by Adi Guru Dattatreya. So by coming here at least two Chakras-Mooladhara and Void would be cleared.

Seeing Sahaja Yogis thinking as how they will arrange a big seminar at this unknown place Shree Mataji said “So you are now worried about how to do this. Don’t worry, I will do everything and will tell you what to do in good time and automatically everything will work out.”

By then it was sunset. Shree Mataji asked the Sahaja Yogis to look over the Ocean and notice the direction of the waves. She said, “Now watch, l will change the direction of waves. “Shree Mataji walked towards South and all the waves went to the South. The Shree Mataji started walking in the other direction, and all the waves followed her! The Holy Mother stood still and all the waves also became still. They seemed to be waiting for next instructions. You may be doubting & thinking that possibly the wind is doing this, so I will show you again, Shree Mataji then repeated the miracle all over again to remove any lingering doubts in the minds of the Yogis. She told them that she had performed this miracle earl earlier in the US as well.

Shree Mataji showed the second shown at the Jaigad Port. As she desired, a powerful beam of light slowly emanated from the Ganesha Swayambhu and went straight to the heavens.

This in brief is the discovery of Ganapatipule by Shree Mataji as the prime destination for pilgrimage by Sahaja Yogis. This was already predicted by the Noble Laureate Shree Rabinranath Tagore several decades ago when he wrote in his Gitanjalithat “The whole world will meet on the shores of Bharta”. Shree Mataji actualized his prediction in 1985 when she organized the first international Seminar including the Christmas Puja at Ganapatipule, which was attended by Sahaja Yogis from all over the world.

Importance of Ganapatipule in the Words of Shree Mataji:

The Holy Mother has whole-heartedly eulogized the spiritual significance, purity and natural beauty of Ganapatipule. For worshipping Lord Jesus Christ, never has praised any other place of the world as much as Ganapatipule. It is not that here only Shree Ganesha assumes his throne as Maha Ganesha but Shree Yeshu, the second son of Mahalaksmi (Shree Radha) and Shree Krishna (Shree Vishnu) also assumes his highest position as Maha-Vishnu (one of the EkadashRudras) in the Virata- the Brain above the Agya Chakra) So she says Ganapatipule is the best place to worship Jesus Christ. In her own words:

“I had a special purpose in coming to Ganapatipule, apart from that it was a very beautiful place and very relaxing for all of you. The reason is: I found this place had vibrations which will clear you out very easily, but you have to desire it, really, ardently. We should have that desire, otherwise the Kundalini may not rise. That is very important point that you have to desire your ascent, nothing else.” -Shree Mataji. (31st Dec, 1985 Ganapatipule)

“Ganapatipule has special significance as here Ganesha at Mooladhara becomes Maha-Ganesha in the Virata i.e. The Brain…The main root is innocence i. e. Shree Ganesha & he becomes Maha Ganesha in Ganapatipule. Here he is surrounded by the Father Principle, the Guru Principle of the Sea-the Ocean- the Indian Ocean. Here as we see Ganesha is in its complete matured form sо that we develop Maha Ganesha within ourselves. Maharashtra has AshtaVinayak i.e. 8 Swaysmbhus of Shree Ganesha. Mahaganesha is Pithadhish (Governor of all Pithas) & sitting on this pitha, he protects all Ganesha Swayambhus.

lf we see in the surroundings, the Ocean, so beautiful & clean is, washing the feet of this Ganapati  because the Ocean represents the Guru Tatwa and with that Guru Tatwa, he washes the feet of Shree Ganesha and that is how should happen with all Sahaja Yogis. Ganesha Stuti is done and then Shree Ganesha is established & thereafter with MahalaxmiTatwa yau have to become Maha Ganesha. I bless you at that here a Ganapatipule, the plea af Maha Ganesha, with his special grace, you all can attain your Guru Principle as soon as possible:

Shree Mata 1st Jan, 1986

Mother’s Instructions for Sahaja Yogis with Regard to Ganapatipule:

In her Hindi pravachan Christmas Puja 1998 Shree Mataji made a fervent appeal (which is like aadesh for all of us) for all Sahaja Yogis and especially those from North India to come to Ganpatipule for their own growth and also to spread vibrations for the benefit of the seekers of Maharashtra. Shoud we not, therefore, avail ourselves of this opportunity to go Ganapatipule Seminar, lovingly blessed and sanctified by the Divine Mother herself, worship Lord Jesus Christ, pay our respect to Shree Maha Ganesha and Shree Adi Guru and receive their blessings all in one pilgrimage.

Jai Shree Mataji